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Reason #2 Divorce wars and child custody battles Men quite honestly don’t like public wars and messy divorces. Who would buy a cow if you can get the milk for free? Why would any man in his right mind commit to a binding agreement if he is already receiving all the benefits of marriage? If you have two Chinese grocers and one of them is giving away free eggs everyday once you go in who would you most likely go to shop for what you want?It’s relatively inexpensive, which allows Jill to live comfortably on her Social Security and a very modest pension. “New York for me was always about was about running around looking for love,” Jill told us.“I was tired of worrying how I looked when I went out."We are taking all the gold medals she is going to win," Kim Simplis Barrow, the first lady of the tiny Central American country, joked with the Times.On Wednesday, Belize’s widest-circulating paper ran an item informing readers that "young Belizean fans, especially females, will be thrilled to learn that the star of the USA gymnastic team at the Olympics in Rio, Simone Biles, has embraced her Belizean roots," referring to an NBC interview published earlier this year.

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