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You might need to modify these steps a bit, or maybe a lot. While I’m working on a book, I usually scribble down notes and thoughts about the next book. These notes serves as a very, very rough outline, just enough so I can start writing on page one and go when it’s time to start...The First Draft—In my mind, this is the "just finish it" stage.This dating audiobook will produce one thing: MORE MEN.Now, I know you don't want more men, you just want the RIGHT man.So, here’s a basic step by step of how I go from bare idea to something I’m willing to hand to an editor.

If a man doesn't feel respected while communicating with you, he'll find the respect he needs elsewhere.

I’ve mentioned once or thrice before that we all have our own way of writing.

Working through drafts in this way helps me a lot, but it’s not a guarantee of success for anyone except me. I’ll shuffle these around into more or less the order I think they’ll end up.

Holding these feelings in for too long can damage the relationship so you need to make a change now.

If you want to bring the sexual spark back into your marriage again, you can absolutely make that happen.

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