Are adam lambert and drake labry still dating

Ha lanzado 4 álbumes de estudio: For Your Entertainment, en el que se encuentra su sencillo más exitoso, "Whataya Want From Me".

Take One, un álbum que grabó en 2005, antes de darse a conocer y que nunca llegó a promocionar, Trespassing. Ha obtenido un gran número de nominaciones y premios, en donde se encuentra nominación a un premio Grammy por su canción "Whataya Want From Me".

Newly single Adam Lambert is romantically linked to Ferras, the singer-songwriter who has helped the "American Idol" star working on his debut album "For Your Entertainment".

Not without reason, but their togetherness at some occasions has ignited talks that they are dating.

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But even so, it’s up to Adam whether or not he states, once and for all, that he’s gay.

Con su álbum, For Your Entertainment debutó en la posición #3 de Billboard 200 con 198.000 copias vendidas en la primera semana de su lanzamiento y alcanzó el top 10 en varios países.

En 2010, sale de gira por América y Europa, "Glam Nation Tour", para promocionar el álbum.

"Ferras helped Adam work on his new album, For Your Entertainment," a source tells Star.

"They have a lot in common, so I'm not surprised Adam started falling for him." And while the dating report is still a not-yet-confirmed one, the source says "Adam really dropped a bomb on Drake (La Bry); I don't think he suspected a thing!

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