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alot of resturants only cook it to rare then if med or well is ordered they drop it inbeef stock to change the visual so maybe it's that beef stock flavour your chasing? olive oil Jus1/2 cup red wine1 1/2 cups beef broth1 small fresh rosemary sprig1 small fresh thyme sprig1 garlic clove, smashed Coarse salt and freshly cracked black pepper1. Grind peppercorns and bay leaves with salt to a powder in an electric spice grinder, transfer to a mortar.3. Transfer roast to a rack set in a heavy-bottomed roasting pan. Transfer beef to a large plate and let stand, loosely covered with foil, about 20 minutes. Add broth, rosemary, thyme and garlic and continue simmering on top of stove over moderate heat for 5 minutes.4. I've cooked in alot of places that serve Prime Rib and I personally believe less spice is better.

as for cooking prime rib fast is better and never over cook it.a combination of carrots celery and onions in the pan and water or stock not too much.season the prime rib before cooking it salt lots of it and a good seasoning salt the resturant what seasonings they use on thier prime rib! Without opening the oven turn the heat down to 300°F and continue roasting for 15-20 minutes per pound until a meat thermometer registers 120°F in the thickest part of the meat, at least an hour more.5. If the meat is still on the bone simply slice along the bone removing the meat before then slicing it into individual servings. whole black peppercorns2 bay leaves Coarse salt3 garlic cloves1 tsp. Add garlic, thyme, rosemary, then pound to a smooth paste with pestle.4. But as for the "you can smoke it, BBQ it" thing, I'm not sure you will get that "restaurant" taste that way. Some places do season the meat like "Classic Chassis" said.

Then for those that want it medium to well (who eats a good cut of meat that way is a friggin idiot, IMHO) you do what "Blackaces" said and drop into the pan of Au Jus and let it cook to the proper temp. Just remember that Au Jus is a "natural" version of "broth". In the sense, that true Au Jus is meat with it's own natural juices. then wrap it tight in saran wrap and fridge it for 12 hours. Add the bouquet garni and continue to simmer, skimming as needed. Remove the bones from the oven and brush with the tomato paste. Yield: about 1 gallon OR you could take the drippings and add some water to it to get some more volume, mix in some mirepoix. Of course, like everyone with a differnt way, I get rave reviews.

Which in turn will make it more juicy for the people that can't take it the way it is supposed to be ate, rare. Broth is usually a liquid/juice product that comes from cooking meat and or vegies in water. But, this is where alot of restaurants add their own spices to give it their own "taste". the more rare cuts you bring up to a desired temp this way adds more and more flavor to the Au Jus.after spending a couple years working at The Keg, I think I've got the prime rib thing down pretty well. Set your oven to 220f and cook to an internal temperature of 130f. * ESPAGNOLE SAUCE * 1 gallon brown stock, hot * 1 1/2 cups brown roux * 1/4 cup bacon fat * 2 cups chopped onions * 1 cup chopped carrots * 1 cup chopped celery * Salt * Freshly ground black pepper * 1/2 cup tomato puree * 1 bouquet garni In a stock pot, whisk the hot stock into the roux. In a mixing bowl, combine the onions, carrots, and celery together. Place the roasting pan over the stove and deglaze the pan with the red wine, using a wooden spoon, scraping the bottom of the pan for browned particles. Redwine to taste, throw in some mustard seed (not a whole lot) supplement with some packet gravy or KFC gravy as yields are hard to judge while making it this way. If you even half way know how to do it, you can't go wrong with Prime Rib. Some things I just won't ever change.5#-6# Prime Rib Roast, Delmonico Roast (same thing... I am still waiting for the time when there is just 1 scrap left over, because I never really get to enjoy my cooking at Holidays....

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