Quizes on dating at 15 years old

We have the same interests and we just generally are really good together.

All my friends say we are really good together, so wish me luck! Well idk im an 💗 obviously* but i still take quizzes on it..my friends tell me he likes me..me hes different in a way they cant describe when im not around him...

I also already asked him if he wanted to go out but I said that my firend wanted me to give him the note but it was from me then he ripped it up!!!!!!

I died inside to break it to u parker and Dylan but I LOVE u guys even tho u guys bullied me I'm 11 and I'm in year 5 at (primary)/elementary school in Australia, and I think this guy same age and grade as me called Jack might just be the one! he sits near me in class (whenever there aren't assigned seats), litterly I was in computers today and he came and sat down RIGHT BESIDE ME!!!

XD *Blushes and cries because it's a weekend and I REALLY miss him* My feelings are very deep and MASSIVE!!! Internally screaming, when we were both done, you couldn't shut us up!!

The latest global rankings from the prestigious Programme for International Assessment (PISA) have been released, revealing mixed results from UK participants.

My crush hugged me today for the first time ever it was only bc I gave him some candy but he was really happy for some reason I think it was just an excuse to hug me tbh BUuu Uu Uu Uuu T I'm really happy (I'm in middle school) On number 7 my crush always looks at me then I look at him too but then he looks somewhere else when I see that he's looking at me.We talk almost everynight since we are currently in summer break but i wanna ask him what we actually are.I dint want to be pinning over a guy who doesn't even feel the same way..... xx HI MY NAME IS ALTAHINA IAM 15&HE IS 16 THIR IS THIS GUY & RELLY HE IS MY NABHOUR BUT I ACTUALL FALLN IN LOVE WITH HIM BUT HE ACT LIKE HE DOESNT LOVE ME& IDONT NOW WHAT TO DO ?We are both homeschooled and I hardly ever see him The only time I do see him is when I'm with his sister ( we are good friends). I know this sounds weird but I have a crush on my friend too..I met him in preschool but then after kindergarten we were both homeschoolers then I saw him in third grade he did homeschooling with me because my mom employed his mom at my moms school but I guess it was at that age when you like someone you're not very nice to them . Yes she is a girl, I have only came out to my 1 online friend..

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