Riley steele dating

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I’m not really sure the best way to describe Riley Steele. What, are you looking forward to running into some Chargers? I mean, I’m sure if you wanted to date a Charger, you could date a Charger. As far as dudes you date, do you prefer dating a high profile guy, or a guy with a regular job? No, I never really liked high profile, because I’m very low-key; I just like to go out to dinner, that’s all I really like to do. when I’m not up in LA having to work, I’m just down in San Diego. They didn’t make you do a casting couch to get the role? Yeah, it was so much better when we had Samantha running the company because she’s so motherly to us, and she’d take care of us, she just has that motherly figure over the girls because the industry’s so powered by men you know, but it’s really about the women, so she really had a big part in making sure the women are more in charge. You’re a free spirit you don’t like to be nailed down? You wouldn’t like it if you were with a guy and he was checking up on you every two minutes like, “ehh, where’d you go? Whoever’s dating you, they have to be very secure, right? And now we’re getting ready to do our next one, at the end of the month. Yeah, there’s an actual script that we have to learn, and memorize, otherwise we get in big trouble.

She has an amazing, effervescent personality, and she is a perfectionist.

She is bubbly, excited, enthusiastic and full of life, and these amazing qualities shine through the moment you meet Riley.

A self-proclaimed lover of sex, Riley took the traditional route and lost her virginity to a long time boyfriend, but this true bisexual beauty had her first sexual experiences in the form of regular make-out sessions with a girlfriend.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Riley Steelespent her days either on the beach or in an ice rink practicing her love of figure skating.

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