Is bow wow and angela simmons still dating Adultchat biz

Angela Simmons ended up leaving a comment days later saying “Isn’t it great when ppl get busted!There are always rumors of celebrities dating other celebrities, and even young Bow Wow is not immune to the rumor mill. "They're like daughters to my moms," he explained, referring to girls he brings home to mom. He'd much rather connect with a woman outside the entertainment biz. I know they probably seen me at the fashion show with her, but I go to support her. "She's a sweet person, just a cool homie I hang out with.

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In Hollywood, it seems that everyone dates everyone and relationships start and end as quickly as people change underwear.

"I am currently in the happiest relationship I have ever been in, and MY other half lives in Texas."Now, Bow Wow said to live in Atlanta, so her "other half" couldn't be the rapper.

However, she did have a message for him."Any person I have talked to in the past, I wish them the best of luck," she continued.

The ex’s name is Brenn Colleen and it seems that she and Angie have gone “Two Can Play That Game” on TK’s ass and put him on blast together. On Brenn’s private myspace page: It’s a photo of Brenn (left), Angela, and a friend…in a photo album titled “Exposed” (NO PUN INTENDED).

The caption under the pic reads “So hard to lose when all we do is win”…In another pic, Brenn giving the middle finger to the camera which I’m sure was aimed at TK.

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