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It was the third time Bruce has recently figured into the Palin storyline: This fall, Mansour appeared on Bruce's show to respond to an unflattering profile of Palin.

And earlier this month, Palin mysteriously retweeted a comment Bruce made slamming opponents of the "don't ask, don't tell" repeal, prompting speculation about Palin's own stance on gay rights.

They all look like the girl the high school quarterback wants to date, and they are confident, relaxed, and smart, joking amongst themselves. So I began to ponder it, and here’s the best I can come up with. Young guys who are politically active on the right side of the fence have a lot to lose, most especially any possibility of being regarded as a member of the social elite, and it may be that quite a few of them—not all, by any means, but yes, a great many—who find their way to a conservative worldview at an early age do so because they aren’t distracted or seduced by the possibility of being homecoming king.

This becomes even more glaring when juxtaposed with the young guys, who all seem to be trying out for the part of the overtaxed congressional aide in this season of “Veep”: wrinkled dark suits with scuffed brown shoes, power-walking this way and that, their noses buried in their smartphones, and that’s not even to mention an alarming incidence of pillow head (not a lot, but, let’s be honest, no pillow head is the goal). It is not easy espousing conservative views at any time or place, given that the overwhelming response of the culture, the media and academia is ridicule and dismissal, but it has got to be especially so in those beehives of social approval: high school and college. They aren’t giving up the possibility of being the host of the weekend kegger, because that wasn’t going to happen, anyway.

Former CIA operative and former House GOP Chief Policy Director.

(@Evan_Mc Mullin)Rothenberg & Gonzaels Political Report: Republicans’ Agonizing Wait for Latest Diagnosis — "In terms of election analysis, it’s important to separate Trump’s fate from down-ballot Republicans’ fate.

Danielle is a lipstick enthusiast, a Twitter addict, and enjoys coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

Donald Trump now talking vote-rigging and conspiracy if he doesn’t win. And in Utah, the state that went most Republican in 2012, a lot of voters saying no thanks.

If a thug murders a pregnant woman, he should be charged with two murders, not just one, and women of the Right feel no compulsion to weary themselves by filing briefs on behalf of the murderer to nullify the second killing because the unborn baby does not qualify as human life.IWF-affiliated writers have argued that the gender gap in income exists because of women's greater demand for flexibility, fewer hours, and less travel in their careers, rather than because of sexism.In an article for the Dallas Morning News, IWF Vice-President Carrie Lukas attributed gender disparities in income to "women's own choices", writing that women "tend to place a higher priority on flexibility and personal fulfillment than do men, who focus more on pay.The group advocates "equity feminism," a term first used by IWF author Christina Hoff Sommers to distinguish "traditional, classically liberal, humanistic feminism" from "gender feminism", which she claims opposes gender roles as well as patriarchy.The IWF opposes many mainstream feminist positions, describing them as "radical feminism".

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