Sweet home alabama reality dating show

The high-profile criminal investigation into the theft of five horses and the killing of one here in the Ark La Tex now has a national following on "Sweet Home Alabama," a reality show on Country Music Television.[Click here to view Smith's bio on CMT's "Sweet Home Alabama" web site] Shaun Smith is from Emmet, Arkansas and a member of the rodeo team at Southern Arkansas University.Just days before leaving to be a part of CMT's reality dating show, Smith found out his horse ' Credit Card' had been stolen."That's the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life", says Shaun, after deciding to leave for the show while investigators searched for his horse and four others stolen from the SAU stables in Magnolia.CMT's cameras were rolling when Shaun was given the news.His emotional reaction aired on the January 20, 2012 episode. He didn't actually tell me what happened while I was there." A fellow SAU rodeo team member has been arrested along with two others.While winning Season 3 of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama may have given him his country music start, his fan base continues to grow.

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