Dating a girl who likes to travel

And you'll be damned if you don't solve the mystery that is this woman.

You'll be intimidated by her adventures at first, but the great thing about her is she knows how to enjoy any and every kind of experience.

Girls who travel are the most exciting partners because they’re never boring—ever.

Whether she’s trying to get you to go on another adventure with you or she’s recounting one of her favorite stories from her backpacking trip last summer, there’s never a dull moment with her. A girl who travels is sure of herself and knows herself backwards and forwards. Being a traveler primes you for being up for—and prepared for—anything and everything.

Girls who travel are likely to decide to do something at the last minute.

And, if we’re being honest, that makes whatever you’re doing twice as fun!

I looked back at my desk and there were no photos of people, but rather places; postcards from far-off lands I dreamed of going.

A multitude of approaches to varying obstacles are hidden up her sleeve. You fell for her because she's openminded and never quick to judge.

She's excited to try new experiences, and you want to be the one to share them with her.

They thrive in new environments, which may or may not include you, but in the chance it does, here are some tips to help ease the roller-coaster ride of the adventure dating a girl who loves to travel is bound to be. But she's okay with pretending that it’s a possibility anyway.

She’s okay without the infamous ‘5-year plan’ as it limits her because she knows opportunities arise just as quickly as they go.

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