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We did not realize the quality was shakey until after the episode was recorded. Shaken not Stirred: This week the ladies are discussing INSECURITIES. Catching up on this weeks #Adulting and excitement for the very FIRST Private Party Podcast Brunch on Aug. Cutty finishes up her story about her getting pregnant at 21. Happy Hour: The ladies are BACK and they are in BROOKLYN! Ashley catches everybody up on her trip to North Carolina to see her boo. They also talk about deal breakers and their biggest turn offs when it comes... During this milestone episode the ladies share stories and submissions from listeners. List: Jay Lavita (@jaylavita), singer and song writer, swings through the...

After what seemed like the longest two weeks ever!!! Many listeners have reached out to them to share their experiences on past episode topics. Happy Hour: The ladies talk dating and paying for dates. Happy Hour: The ladies reminisce about adventures on the Vegas Strip, Margarita March and the ultimate fashion finds. Happy Hour: The ladies have a debate around Mother's Day Gifts.

My last boyfriend left me because, in his words “my body just didn’t excite him anymore.” Who cares if I had a pretty face? I also knew that she had gotten a breast augmentation in Utah previously and it seemed to be working out great for her. It might seem petty or crazy, but I just knew that was the reason. No WAY was I letting all of my hard work go down the drain because of my chest. After the procedure, I was a little nervous about seeing my new chest for the first time. To say that little procedure gave me my dream body would be an understatement. Now I’m the sexy, beautiful, confident girl with the total package.

I just knew my company’s next big promotion was mine for the taking, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. Basically, I travel around the state visiting every little mom-and-pop drugstore, every super-chain, and all the stores in between—trying to convince pharmacists why my company’s medicine is the best and safest for people to use. And most of us sales reps are women…if you can see where I’m going. He had just hired a new sales rep, fresh out of college with almost no experience. While I was away, she had just completely bombed a huge pitch to another big chain pharmacy. Before my surgery, I had the skills and knowledge I needed to do my job and do it well.

I always thought I was a late bloomer, and I kept waiting and waiting for my chest to grow. My friends, family, and boyfriends always told me how “pretty” or “cute” I was…but I never thought I got the breasts the rest of my body truly deserved. Was it fair that people were judging me based on my appearance? Technically I was prettier than her—my makeup was better, my clothes fit me better, my face more attractive—but she had something I didn’t…full, perky boobs. At this point I didn’t need anymore convincing, but her recommendation pointed me in the right direction. I’ve never been happier, and I owe it all to my breast augmentation.

In this action-comedy, four twenty-something friends are looking for love and having no luck.

While on a ski trip, one of them finds passion with a beautiful girl after a random accident on the icy slopes.

Coffee and Higgin had begun taking adult education classes at the community center so that Higgin could finish her high school degree and Coffee could earn her GED.

Higgin had left high school just a few credits short."I was being hard headed," she said.

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