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The former Wa All Stars player revealed that the lack of residence permit is making it difficult for African players to live a comfortable life, coupled with the fact that fake agents are taking advantage of their situation to aggravate their plight.

“This is my first season in the country [Thailand] after an agent lured me here.

According to the talented musician and producer Nacee, talking about sex and love in the music is not a big deal – he doesn’t see what’s wrong with it.

He said if Pastors have the permission to talk openly about sex and love then why can’t musicians?

Fans love it for the fashion, the fun and its fresh perspective on African life – and the show’s first season racked up more than two million views online.

“There is a certain group of Ghanaian women who are now seeing themselves reflected on TV: Young, modern, working,” says Maame Adjei, who plays Zainab, one of the five main characters.

Though men are physically and emotionally stronger than women but are subjected to violence at home and this can be distressing.

“Wives hurt or abuse their husbands in an extreme manner.” They insult their husbands and refuse sexual needs is a form of harassment.

“My favourite comment on Youtube was a woman who wrote: ‘I’m Puerto Rican, born in New York but live in Italy, and what do I have in common with all these women? “It is so crucial for us to create space to have honest conversations about sex in a society and culture like Ghana where women are really shamed and judged for even having a sexuality,” says Esther Yarmah, a script supervisor on “An African City”.They cannot return home because they are not financially sound, some have now resorted to dealing in illegal drugs whiles others live with local women.“These women like sex a lot so you will have to satisfy them every day before they will help you.Its an old notion that men owe the body of his wife. The MP made these comments during a debate under the banner of laws pertaining to domestic violence.MP earlier sparked a controversy in April when he said “Girls as young as nine were spiritually and physically ready for marriage”.

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