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If the folder is there and holds your contacts, then either the folder hasn’t been set as an Outlook Address Book or the Outlook Address Book Service is broken in your mail profile.To recover from either situation see: Contacts are not available in the Outlook Address Book.Otherwise, take a fresh copy of your backup or the pst-file that you imported from.Then connect to the pst-file in Outlook via: File-If you did find your Contacts in that pst-file, you can select them all (CTRL A) and move them (CTRL SHIFT V) or copy them (CTRL SHIFT Y) to your main contacts folder.Examples are the accidental release of an email to a spam list, or if the address was procured by spammers.Alternatively, the user may simply decide not to receive further correspondence from the sender. It was a hot late spring day, just a few weeks ago – I’d been writing some commissioned work since about 6am in the morning, and I could sense that it was time for lunch, mainly due the sound of my husband pacing around the kitchen, opening the bread bin, noisily, and rustling loudly in the fridge!

I think it was the lettuce that “did it” – a crisp and slightly bitter Cos lettuce is the classic leaf in a Caesar salad, and on further rummaging around at the back of the fridge, I discovered some tinned anchovies, which are essential in a Caesar salad dressing.

In fact, the day that I assembled this salad, I counted nearly three dozen eggs in the pantry – time to get my baking head on too!

I had eggs, I had a lovely Cos (Romaine) lettuce and on searching the fridge, I discovered some dry-cured streaky bacon, and a big chunk of Grana Padano cheese too.

Users can selectively share and view content according to either pre-determined categories (e.g., friends, family, business network) or customized groups.

Plaxo Pulse was the first site to feature a working version of an Open Social container.

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